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  • What Should I Wear While Traveling On The Bus?
    DRESS COMFORTABLY! You will have an opportunity to change clothes BEFORE ARRIVING to your destination & AFTER DEPARTING from your destination. FYI: The bus is kept COOL year round ... spring, summer, fall, & winter. So, bring a blanket!
  • Should I Tip My Driver?
    Driver grutuity isn't mandatory. However, it is customary to express your thanks by tipping your driver. The tip amount is entirely up to you. As a rule-of-thumb, a good tip is 10-15% of your total trip cost ... IF ... your driver demonstrated EXCELLENT driving performance & provided EXCELLENT hospitality & service. $100 Trip Cost ($10-$15 Grutuity) $150 Trip Cost ($15-$22 Grutuity) $200 Trip Cost ($20-$30 Grutuity) $250 Trip Cost ($25-$37 Grutuity) $300 Trip Cost ($30-$45 Grutuity) $350 Trip Cost ($35-$52 Grutuity) $400 Trip Cost ($40-$60 Grutuity) $450 Trip Cost ($45-$67 Grutuity) $500 Trip Cost ($50-$75 Grutuity)
  • Sleep As Much As Possible!
    You're going to have a long day at your destination. So, SLEEP as much as possible! We recommend that you bring a PILLOW & a BLANKET. You may want to bring ear plugs as well.
  • What Should I Pack?
    Change of Cloths Two Pair of Shoes: Traveling & Walking Pillow & A Blanket Toiletries: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Washcloth, Etc Ear plugs If Rain / Snow Is In The Forecast: Poncho & Rain / Snow Boots For WINTER Red-Eyes: Toboggan, Gloves, Scarf, & Ear-Muffs, Hand & Feet Warmers!
  • Will I Have Access To The Bus During The Day?
    Once passengers arrive at their destination, they will not have access to the bus till time of departure.
  • Will There Be A Tour Guide At The Destination?
    ALL RED-EYES are self-guided ... unless otherwise stated. When the bus arrives at the designated drop-off point ... YOU WILL BE ON YOUR OWN.
  • Check The Weather!
    BE PREPARED! Check the weather before departing on your red-eye. If rain or snow is in the forecast, DRESS ACCORDINGLY!
  • Prepare An Itinerary!
    KNOW BEFORE YOU GO! Plan your trip from start to finish. Become familiar with public transit ... especially if you're going to NYC!
  • What Security Issues Should I Be Aware Of?
    KNOW BEFORE YOU GO! Some sites don't permit bookbags & umbrellas.
  • If You Don't Need It ... Don't Bring It!
    This is especially true with personal information & credit-cards. Remove from your purse / wallet items that you won't need on your red-eye.
  • Will We Stop For Breakfast, Lunch, Or Dinner?"
    No ... unless otherwise stated. Eat before you board the bus. There will be a stop or two at a truck-stop.
  • How Often Will The Bus Stop For A Restroom Break?
    Typically, the bus will stop every 2.5 to 3.0 hours.
  • What Is Red-Eye Etiquette?
    BE COURTEOUS & CONSIDERATE! Sleep is a precious commodity on a red-eye trip. So, try not to have phone conversations during sleeping hours ... late-night & early-morning hours. Seats do recline. However, be mindful of the person behind you. USE EARPHONES if you're listening to music or watching a movie!
  • What Is RCT's Cancellation & Refund Policy?
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  • Are Smoking & Vaping Permitted On The Bus?
    Smoking & vaping are not permitted anywhere on the bus.
  • Are Alcoholic Beverages Permitted On The Bus?
    Drinking alcohol is not permitted on the bus.
  • Are Drinks & Refreshments Permitted On The Bus?
    Yes. However, drinks must have a screw-top lid.
  • Are There Any Movie Restrictions?
    Yes. Rated "R" movies are not permitted. Movies with nudity & strong vulgarity are not permitted.
  • Is There Free WiFi?
    Yes. However, use of wifi may be limited due to the number of users. We recommend that you not use wifi for streaming movies & videos (YouTube).
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